Food Subscriptions Delivering to Wisconsin You Should Try ASAP


Food is a fundamental, primal need. Everyone needs to consume enough calories each day to remain in good health. For today’s busy consumers, this can be very hard. Many people have a full-time job, at least one child and lots of chores. Life’s demands make it hard to get a good meal. Eating out can be very expensive. Fortunately, there is a solution. Food subscription services are the modern way to eat healthy without the need to run to take out for lunch and dinner. Many deliver fresh food to your home each week, allowing you to prepare quick and healthy meals that also look and taste great.

Each person has a particular kind of food style they like. Some people are vegetarians. Other people relish gourmet ingredients. Parents may need to please several kinds of food preferences each day. Food service subscriptions are as varied as their customers. Each one offers something tailored for a specific market. The kind you might like will depend on your own needs including your budget and your ability to cook right now.


Blue Apron

One of the oldest services, Blue Apron, offers generous meals with detailed pictures and instructions. This is the place to head for diverse meals that are sure to please all members of your family. You can sign up for a single box a week or more boxes if you are planning to feed guests and visitors. Blue Apron has gotten a lot of press coverage lately, as the pioneer meal service contemplates an IPO.

Purple Carrot

For those who want to try the vegan lifestyle, this can be a place to start. Purple Carrot offers entirely vegan ingredients that contain no animal products. They also offer high-quality meals that are very healthy. Consider a trial run if you want to have a service that can help transform your entire eating habits.

Home Chef

Another option for the person in search of something entirely healthy, Home Chef can be very useful. They are not vegetarian, so you’ll find lots of meat. You’ll also find menus to pick from that allow you to customize each one to any given food restriction you might have. For example, if you are lactose intolerant or need food that is gluten free, this is the place to head to get meals that adhere to your medical needs. Check out this complete Home Chef review.

Hello Fresh

Curated by famous British chef Jamie Oliver, Hello Fresh offers meals that made for those who love classic American cuisine like burgers and casseroles. You can also find Oliver has personally created special meals to choose from that. You can pick from a vegetarian option or one that has meat if you have a heartier appetite. Hello Fresh makes meal time delicious and easy!


If you love to cook, consider a subscription to Chef’d. With this service, you will find many kinds of high-end ingredients and very complicated dishes. They also offer lots of themed menus so you can find one that you know the kids will like or one that allows you to cook up a special Valentine’s Day dinner.


Reasons People are Moving Out of Wisconsin


While America’s Dairyland may be known for its beautiful forests and enthusiasm for all things cheese, sadly, more and more people are moving out of Wisconsin. In fact, one study showed that almost 10,000 more residents left the state than moved into the state in 2010, which has only increased in subsequent years.  This can be an alarming fact for residents, as it has a direct impact on the amount of tax revenue that’s used to pay for state services. For a closer look at why people may be leaving Wisconsin, we discussed it with this interstate mover, who has helped hundreds of residents find relocation services to move out of state. Read their brief explanation of contributing factors below.

High Tax Rates

All Americans are required to pay federal income taxes along with a local and state tax. These fees can help fund education, roads, local law enforcement, fire departments, and much more within a state. However, even though these taxes can help to improve the quality of life, a high tax rate can be crushing to those who work in minimum-wage jobs or live in areas where the cost of living is expensive.

Wisconsin ranks fifth in the nation regarding taxes, placing a staggering 11% tax on its residents. Because this extra cost burdens the daily lives of those living in the state, more and more people are choosing to leave Wisconsin for lower tax rates and higher salaries in surrounding areas.

Cold Weather Climate

While the tax burdens in Wisconsin are high, the winter weather temperatures here are below freezing! With blizzards, lake-effect snow drifts, and chilly winds, the state is well-known for having very long winters and short, mild summers. Long-time residents may be able to put up with this cold climate, but more people are choosing to relocate to southern states, such as Florida, Texas, and Arizona, for more ample sunshine and overall warmer temperatures.

Small Job Market

The inability to start a career is also a common reason why individuals are moving out of Wisconsin. The state ranks 34th out of all 50 states regarding unemployment and has trouble creating jobs for locals. Many residents have also recently lost jobs in the area, which has forced them to uproot their lives to neighboring states. Those who graduate from colleges in Wisconsin tend to look for opportunities out-of-state where the unemployment rate is low, and there are more chances for a long-term job.

In some cases, a single factor can pull residents out of Wisconsin, such as a job offer in another region. However, with a closer look at the state’s tax rate, climate, and job market, it’s easy to see why these multiple factors are driving people out of the state.

While people are quick to point to the drawbacks of living in Wisconsin, many overlook all the great reasons to consider moving here. Wisconsin, and in particular Chippewa Valley, offers residents affordability, great schools, and an active community. Additionally, the scenery is beautiful, with many parks and trails to enjoy during the summer months, as well as a bevy of things to do throughout the year.

Best Reasons to Consider Moving to Chippewa Valley

Photo by Flickr user Randen Pederson

Located in the heart of Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley combines the best of city, country, and farm life in one quaint community. From the city of Eau Claire, which boasts thriving night life, great local dining, and shopping, to the rural parts of Chippewa Falls, Altoona and other surrounding communities, there is something here for everyone.

Eau Claire county, named for the “Clear Water” that runs through the Eau Claire River, is located about 90 miles east of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The city of Eau Claire was incorporated in 1872 and has a population 65,000 people, making it the largest town in Chippewa Valley. As a diverse and expanding community with plenty to do and see, it is no wonder why so many people are choosing to move here. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, there are several great reasons you might want to consider Chippewa Valley:

1. Parks and Trails

With 1,038 total acres of parkland and 28.94 miles of recreational trails, you never need to travel far to get your fill of nature’s beauty. Many trails and parks run along the scenic Eau Claire River, while the state park at nearby Lake Wissota offers abundant year-round recreational activities. Parks in the area also are home to sports and athletic facilities, including softball fields, baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, ice rinks, boat landings, pickleball courts and volleyball courts. Whether you prefer a solo jog or bike ride, or love the thrill of team sports, there’s plenty of opportunities to get outside and experience nature.

Wisconsin is a breathtaking state, offering nature lovers abundant opportunities to get out and explore year-round.
Wisconsin is a breathtaking state, offering nature lovers abundant opportunities to get out and explore year-round.

2. Housing Variety & Affordability

Whether you are partial to new construction or enjoy the feel of a house with history, Chippewa Valley has options to accommodate any preference. Chippewa offers quaint neighborhoods with walkable trails and easy access to shops; larger, more luxurious homes; and hobby farms with acres of land. Here, the median home price is only $137,700, which is much lower than bigger cities like Minneapolis or Madison. Additionally, when it comes to things like groceries, utilities, and other essentials, the overall cost of living here is lower than the rest of the country.

3. Things to Do

Living in Chippewa Valley, you will never be without something to do. In addition to taking advantage of the area’s green space, locals enjoy strolling through the local Farmer’s Market on the weekends, grabbing beers with friends at the famous Leinenkugal Brewing Company, and checking out the Irvine Park Zoo. Chaos Water Park, Oakwood Mall, and the Eau Claire Children’s Museum also top the list of favorites in the Valley.

4. Great Schools

Eau Claire Area School District has 13 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools offering local children an excellent public school education. This district strives for excellence in education, and consistently ranks “excellent” in post-secondary preparedness. The Valley is also home to many post-secondary options including University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley Technical College, and Immanuel Lutheran College. The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire is hot spot for many locals with many events and a beautiful campus in the heart of Eau Claire. This newly renovated campus features a new Student Center and Education building.

Locals and visitors alike love stopping by Leinenkugel's for a sample of their favorite brew.
Locals and visitors alike love stopping by Leinenkugel’s for a sample of their favorite brew.

5. An Active Community

Chippewa Valley is a community of excellence where residents take pride in everything they do and enjoy an unhurried life. This active and scenic community encourages its citizens to get involved and give back! There are plenty of ways to get involved through volunteer organizations like the Airport Ambassador Program, the local library, or parks and recreation clean-up.

Though some people might consider this area a “flyover” part of the country, once you visit us, we’re sure you’ll want to call up the moving companies, pack up your house, and relocate. From the low cost of living to the ample entertainment opportunities, this Golden Triangle has everything you need for a laid back yet fulfilling lifestyle. There’s no better place to start your career, raise a family, or spend your retirement years. So, what are you waiting for? Moving to Chippewa Valley could be the best move you’ve ever made!



The Best Attractions in Chippewa Falls

chippewa valley

Downtown Chippewa Falls personifies the charm of small town life in Middle America, with thriving businesses nestled in beautiful old brick buildings and friendly locals that will take time to see how your day is going. Despite having a population of just 14,000, there are still plenty of things to see and do here, whether you’re looking to shop or to head a little out of town and commune with nature. Here are some of the favorite attractions in Chippewa Falls:

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

Let’s start with the city’s oldest business, the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company.  The nearly 150 year old brewing company has more than 6 generations of Leinenkugel family history wrapped into an hour-long tour. You can see the original brewery building, see where the fermentation happens, and even watch the bottling process as your guide leads you through this impressive craft brewery. Back at the Leinie Lodge, you can look at decades of Leinie memorabilia before diving into samples of the Lodge’s award-winning beers. For just $5, you can sample 5 5-oz. pours of the Lodge’s best;  a portion of the proceeds go to conservation efforts at Little Lake Wissota. Well worth the trip!

Irvine Park & Zoo

After the brewery tour, it’s time for some family fun so grab the kids and head over to the Irvine Park & Zoo.  The park is FREE and features over 300 acres of local scenery to absorb.  The zoo portion features cougars, bison, bear and tigers, while a petting zoo allows you get up close to local wildlife. After the zoo, head over to one of the many picnic shelters and have some lunch.  Here is a video of the petting zoo so you know what you can expect.

After lunch, there’s still plenty to see. Step back in time as you wander through the Sun Valley Schoolhouse or the Pioneer Norwegian Log Home; both are open on weekends throughout the summer months.  If you come later in the year then the family will love the Christmas Village, open from Thanksgiving until New Years.  Here, you can enjoy more than 100 displays and over 100,000 Christmas lights.


Back to some grown up fun.  The River Bend Vineyard and Winery is a local producer that uses cold hardy grapes that grow locally in Chippewa County.  They have a wide selection of wines from sweet to dry.  There is a tasting room where wine connoisseurs can enjoy some complimentary samples, and you can grab a bottle or two to take home with you.


No vacation is complete without a little bit of shopping.  Check out Main Street for some shops and boutiques with goods made by local craftsmen and artisans. For the ladies, gentlemen are welcome too, head over to Mason Companies Shoe Outlet Store for some great deals on name brand footwear.

While it might be a small town, make no mistake there is plenty of charm here and lots to do.

Where to Stay in Eau Claire

Where to Stay in Eau Claire

When you come to Eau Claire be it for a convention, sporting event or just to check out the many nearby attractions we want you to feel right at home.  You want accommodations that fit your needs for the duration of your stay.  There are plenty of hotels, motels, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, or you can even try an Airbnb in the area if you want something a bit more homey.  Whether you’re relaxing here for a couple of weeks or just need a place to lay your head for a couple of hours…we’ve got you covered.

 Where to Stay in Eau Claire

Traditional Hotels

Traditional hotels can be found all over, where you will find the most amenities in your home away from home.  Hotels are popular among business travelers because there is usually a business center where you can get some work done if needed. Plus, many of the area hotels include a free continental breakfast with your stay! The Lismore Hotel Eau Claire, a Double Tree property, is a beautiful boutique hotel featuring 112 well-appointed guestrooms. Adjacent to the convention center, this hotel is popular among business travelers looking for convenient accommodations in the heart of downtown. Walk to a number of restaurants and breweries, or dine in-house at the Lismore’s Informalist farm-to-table eatery. Just across the river, you’ll find the newly opened Oxbow Hotel that takes the coziness of a lodge and gives it a modern, hipster edge. If you like spending time outdoors, then this is the hotel for you! The property features an on-site outfitter where bikes, kayaks, skis, skates, and more are included in your stay.

Bed & Breakfasts

If you’re passing through and just need a place to lay your head down then a motel or a bed & breakfast might be just the thing.  They are a little cheaper than your traditional hotel but don’t have some of the luxuries like spa services or a pool.  However a clean, warm room and a hot breakfast might be exactly what you’re looking for.  Eau Claire has plenty of both conveniently located.  Try the Pleasant View B&B or the Antlers Motel; both are clean, cozy and they will make you feel like you’re at home.


If you’d prefer to spend a warm summer night sleeping under the stars, we’ve got you covered there too.  You have choices between traditional camping where you pitch your tent or a place you can park your trailer.  Try out the Pine Harbour Campground for your stay. This seasonal campground boasts free showers, a laundry facility, free WiFi, and an on-site general store.

Non-Traditional Accommodations

If you’re unfamiliar with Airbnb, here’s a quick crash course.  Airbnb is a website where people can list either a room in their home or their whole home for rent, it has a booking system very similar to a hotel.  This works for the travelers since you get all the amenities of a home and they are usually less expensive than a hotel.  You can buy groceries, cook your own meals, and do all the things you would at home. Here’s a link for the area’s top Airbnb listings.

There are plenty of choices for accommodations when you come to visit Eau Claire, so come on over and enjoy the hospitality.